GSI EVO 50 Commercial Grain Bin




Take Control with Better Protection Through SMARTER DESIGN.

Engineered from the small details on out, EVO 50 defends your grain from the elements. We’ve maximized strength at each connection and used an advanced sealing system to ensure the outside stays out and profit potential is secured inside. If you’re looking for storage as dedicated to your livelihood as you are, this is it.

Optimized bolt pattern for fewer bolts and fewer holes
EVO 50 uses metric bolts in a staggered pattern. The metric bolts provide more bearing capacity allowing GSI to use fewer to construct the bin. Fewer bolts mean fewer opportunities for water to get in.

Tougher hardware with 4x corrosion protection
EVO 50 uses NZF-2000 zinc-coated hardware that provides 4x better corrosion resistance. The NZF coating is applied without the presence of heat, reducing the chances of a bolt becoming brittle and the potential for failure.

Water-tight seal
EVO 50 has conical washers on sidewall bolts to improve how the washer seals out water when tightened. The EVO 50 bin is available on stiffened bins 11 rings and taller, from 15 feet to 156 feet in diameter.

GSI bins are constructed using the hightensile steel (rated up to 70,000 psi) for higher capacity and superior protection.

GSI’s stiffener profile and 2-gauge steel make bins stronger. Stiffener boots are powder-coated to eliminate rust.

Roof panels feature a 3-bend rib profile with over-and-under lap for precise fit and increased strength.

Wind ring and bracket design reduces bolt holes in stiffeners, resulting in increased load capacity.

Flooring options available to meet a variety grain type and aeration requirements. Galvanized for lasting durability.

GSI’s stairs and platforms are strong, comfortable and easy to climb, allowing you to get to the top quickly and safely.

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