Baldor Electric Farm Motor




Baldor Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motor

Use the Baldor AC Motor to run your most crucial industrial farm equipment. This heavy-duty motor can handle powering up grain stirring, crop drying and irrigation equipment as well as metering pumps and auger drives. This Baldor AC motor has a farm-duty epoxy coating to protect it from all kinds of outdoor weather and elements. You can also trust this auger drive motor to run conveyors, exhaust fans and other high-pressure machinery. The motor has a sealed ball-bearing construction and is lubricated with Mobil Polyrex EM premium moisture-resistant grease for maintenance-free operation. Each Baldor motor satisfies NEMA standards. Its condensation drain keeps the internal housing moisture free for long-term reliability.


- The Baldor AC motor powers crucial farm equipment in any busy agricultural environment

- The AC motor drives at speeds up to 1,750 rpm for grain stirrers, crop dryers, irrigation pumps, metering pumps and auger drives

- Farm-duty epoxy coating protects motor and housing from outside elements

- Also runs conveyors, exhaust fans and other high-pressure equipment

- Sealed ball-bearing motor with moisture-resistant grease for maintenance-free use

- Internally mounted AEGIS® bearing protection ring bolts onto the bearing retainer ring

- Satisfies or surpasses NEMA standards

- Condensation drains prevent internal moisture buildup

- High grade materials make up a strong insulation system with Class F insulation and Class B temperature rise for operation in higher ambient temperature, overload conditions, and voltage tolerances

- Quickly and easily read motor nameplate specifications with a durable, high contrast nameplate

- Stator end turns are fully laced to minimize conductor movement. Stators are dipped in modified, high solids content, UL recognized impregnating resin to eliminate corona and promote insulation longevity

- 3-year limited warranty

- Made in USA  


- Input Voltage: 230 Volts

- Input Frequency (Hz): 60

- Totally Enclosed and Fan Cooled

- Foot Mounted


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