About Us

The vision of GHD is to sell grain handling systems directly to producers. Our formula is "direct & simple = savings". Direct sales and simple order processing systems means savings for the customer. The majority of conventional grain handling sales is done door to door by an in-person salesman. This means that salesmen spend a lot of time cold calling and quoting out for projects that are never purchased. Because of this the price is higher for the projects that are purchased. Our vision is to remove the middle man and save you money.

Technology is continually being incorporated into every aspect of the agriculture industry. This is making farms more efficient and productive, resulting in more competitive markets. We are working to meet the needs of farmers with better prices and efficient service, powered by technology. Whether you are a DIY farmer or someone looking for the best prices available, is your go to source for grain handling equipment and systems. 

We are adding more products to our site regularly. If you have any additional products you are interested in please Contact Us (

If you would like a custom quote for a complete grain handling system or project, please contact our partners at — CBC Bin Sales.