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Grain Handling Equipment & Systems

We are a supplier that specializes in grain handling equipment and systems. We have a full line of Brock, GSI, and Westeel grain handling systems for all your needs, including grain bin storage, hopper bins, and all accompanying parts and accessories.

We have top-of-the-line grain handling equipment for sale: Brock, GSI, and Westeel stiffened grain bins, nonstiffened grain bins, bin hoppers, bin floors and a full line of conveyor belts, and bin sweeps as well to keep your bins clean and well maintained.

At Grain Handling Direct, we pride ourselves on helping farmers by supplying them with the best grain handling equipment to keep their farms running efficiently. We use the latest cutting-edge technology to reduce costs and provide you with affordable grain handling equipment without the middleman. We keep it simple and direct—no complicated sales processing systems or aggressive salespeople.

Contact us for a customized quote if you need specialized grain storage equipment.