Grant Writing Services

GHD Grant Writing Services FAQ - **50% PROGRAM ENDING SEPTEMBER 30th 2024**

What grants are currently available to apply for?

- GHD is currently writing grants that cover energy improvements to farming operations. These grants are called the Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Grant. More information can be found at this link Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Guaranteed Loans & Grants | Rural Development ( These improvements primarily relate to dryer upgrades and renewable energy upgrades. To qualify for these grants a customer must be able to demonstrate that the upgrades being done to the farm will improve energy usage.

How much money is available?

- Current grants programs will cover up to 50% (maximum award of $250,000 available) of new energy efficiency project costs. NOTE THIS PROGRAM IS ENDING SEPTEMBER 30th 2024.

Do I need to purchase something from GHD to use our grant writing services?

- NO! GHD charges a fee for its grant writing services and will write grants regardless of whether or not you purchase grain storage, handling, or drying equipment from us. In fact, most of the equipment covered by these grants must be purchased through another dealership.

Will these grants cover grain drying equipment?

- Yes, this is primarily what the grants cover. PLEASE NOTE that drying equipment must be being UPGRADED. Grants will not cover new systems that are not replacing existing systems.

Will these grants cover grain handling equipment?

- Only equipment related to grain drying or renewable energy will be covered.

Will these grants cover grain storage equipment?

- Typically no. Grants only cover energy efficiency improvements. Unless you have an in bin drying or conditioning system that is being upgraded, the grants will likely not cover any expenses.

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