Warranty Information:

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AGI Westeel


Baldor Motors


Haven Industries

Haven Industries, hereinafter is referred to as “Agent”. The manufacturers of The Grain Saver Auger Equipment warranties each Grain Saver product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months. The “defects” must be reported to the manufacturer, the “Agent”, or to the “Agent’s” representatives within the 12 month warranty period commencing on the date of the original sale.

This limited warranty is made expressly in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of the “Agent”. The customer’s rights and remedies are governed exclusively by the terms and conditions of this limited manufacturer’s warranty, and the customer expressly waives for himself, and any subsequent purchaser, any claim based upon contract, tort, strict liability, or otherwise.

“Manufacturer’s” obligation and sole remedy under this warranty is exclusively limited, at “manufacturer’s” option, to either repair or replace any part or product found to be “defective” providing that such part or product be returned to the “Agent’s” place of business in Dexter, Minnesota, Transportation Charges Prepaid, or to the selling dealer or distributor’s place of business from whom the purchase was made. All corrective work on products must be approved in writing by “Agent” prior to such repairs. No allowances will be made for corrective work that has been completed without this expressed approval.

Improper lubrication, improper installation, deterioration by chemical action, and premature wear caused by the presence of abrasive material does not constitute “defects”.

This warranty shall not render “Agent” liable for any consequential damages including, and without limitation to; personal injury, expenses of removing the product, loss or damage resulting to the equipment or structure(s) in which the “‘Manufacturer’s” products have been installed, loss of such equipment or structure, loss of commodity, or loss of profits.

This warranty shall be declared null and void immediately if the purchaser or the representative of the purchaser, or anyone else shall modify or install, or cause to be modified or installed replacement parts not sold, distributed, or approved by the “Manufacturer”.

This warranty shall not be extended to gearboxes, batteries, drive belts, tires, inner tubes, electrical controls, or any purchased component that carries it’s own manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty on these products shall be limited only to the term of the published warranties on these products.

Manufacturer is not responsible for installation of the product, and is not liable for any loss or damage attributed to any improper installation.
“Agent” neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for “Agent”, any liabilities in connection with the sale of its products.

All claims under this limited warranty must be presented in writing within 30 days of the date of assumed failure to: Haven Industries 67374 310th St. Dexter, Minnesota 55926. Failure to do so will result in customer’s claim being waived and not enforced.

This warranty is subject to existing conditions of supply, which may directly affect the ability of the “Manufacturer “ to obtain materials or manufactured replacement parts.

Customer agrees to incorporate the terms of this warranty into any subsequent sale or transfer of these products to a third party such that the “Agent’s liability shall be expressed, limited to the terms and conditions of this limited warranty, as well as the choice of law and choice of jurisdiction provisions of this agreement. If any party brings any action against the “Agent”, for other than those set forth in this limited warranty against any such claims and/or judgments thereon. In no event shall the “Agent’s” liability extend beyond the terms and conditions of the warranty provided to the “Agent’s original customer.

Customer agrees that Customer’s rights and responsibilities, in regard to this transaction, shall be governed by the laws of the state of Minnesota and shall be the exclusive jurisdiction for bringing any dispute in regards to this transaction.

Customer acknowledges that he is knowledgeable concerning the goods purchased from the “Agent”. Customer has reviewed the limited warranty and that the remedies provided are adequate and acceptable to the customer. “Agent” is not responsible or liable for any claim of personal injury or death.