Grain Saver U-Trough Horizontal Powerhead

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Take your grain management to the next level with the Grain Saver U-Trough Horizontal Powerhead, a robust solution designed to streamline your agricultural operations. Built to last, this powerhead showcases an innovative, heavy-duty motor mount design, optimized for quick and hassle-free removal with its easy-off style. Its standard over-center belt tensioner guarantees sustained performance and efficiency.

Crafted for durability, the powerhead is equipped with resilient cast iron sheaves, available in both 8” and 10” models, to suit a variety of trough sizes and needs. The inclusive package comes replete with high-quality mounting hardware, a protective belt guard, and a sturdy backplate to ensure a secure and safe installation.

Please note, motors and motor sheaves are not included with your purchase to allow for customization based on your unique motor requirements. However, a set of belts is provided, compatible with the most common motor applications. Depending on the style of your motor, an additional belt may be required.

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Shaft Sizes:

10″ Shaft size 1-3/4″

8″ Shaft size 1-1/4″

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