AGI Grain Guard Axial Fans




Proper drying and aeration is essential to maintaining optimal moisture levels after harvest when your grain is in storage. AGI Grain Guard specializes in aeration and conditioning equipment and is committed to providing industry leading products for farm and commercial operations.

Grain Guard Axial Fans are built tough and stable so they can be moved and set-up quickly and easily.

- A galvanized control box is standard on all Grain Guard axial fans. The galvanized control box ensures a long life and is weather proffed for controls protection.

- Balanced cast aluminum blade with air foil design to ensure efficient air handling.

- Totally enclosed air over motors are standard on Grain Guard Axial fans. A solid motor mount provides a strong base for the fan and increases stability during fan operation.

Keep your bins' environment at optimal efficiency! With more than 100,000 fans in operation, Grain Guard remains the leader in aeration design. Complemented by low-temperature grain dryers that are easy to install and operate.

• Available in 3-15 HP sizes 
• 18", 24", and 28" powder coated housing
• Precision-balanced steel fan wheel ensures maximum airflow and efficiency
• Weatherproof electrical controls
• Air-over cooled motor (ODP)

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