AGI Westeel Aeration Floor




Lock-n-Load Floor System

AGI Westeel’s premium aeration option, the Lock-n-Load floor system, delivers maximum performance when you require full volume conditioning or natural air drying of your grain or oilseed crops. The system can be easily installed in all new and existing Series 14', through Series 60' AGI Westeel bins. The system’s unique use of multiple flashing, complete with appropriate hardware, provides a better seal at the bin’s edge and reduces installation time. Additionally, AGI Westeel’s Lock-n-Load floor system features a uniquely perforated flashing (which permits aeration near the bin wall) and full width perforation on the floor planks. The result is improved airflow circulation to the entire grain mass with no dead spots.

AGI Westeel’s floor aeration systems provide enhanced performance, strength and long-term value for the protection of your valuable crops. Because AGI Westeel manufactures them, they install easily in your new or existing Westeel bin and come complete with all required hardware. More important, they are fully tested and warranted by AGI Westeel, thereby offering the greatest protection for your storage investment.

Supports up to 100 feet of grain depth
Completely re-engineered, Westeel’s all-new Lock-n-Load floor system now delivers incredible strength with its robust embossment in the flashing and plank top surface. The uniquely shaped support in the plank increases the structural strength and overall stability, resulting in a stronger floor that handles grain with up to 100 feet of grain depth.

Significantly easier, faster assembly
The floor planks have a 10" width, which effectively cuts down the number of planks and assembly parts required by over 40%. Assembly is made easier by eliminating the need to play with the planks and supports to lock them in place: a strong support base is created by simply laying the planks over the supports. Finally, AGI Westeel’s computer assisted cutting process of all pieces ensures that everything fits together effortlessly, just as it should. If you’ve ever assembled an aeration floor before, you’ll love how easily and quickly, this floor installs.

Improved airflow for enhanced aeration

The more open design of the floor’s supports provides for significantly improved air movement beneath the floor, increasing the total volume of air pushed through the grain mass. The planks themselves are available with two sizes of perforation: 0.050 MM for small grainsand 0.094 MM for large grains. Their smooth top surface makes for easier clean-out and permits the use of bin sweeps.

*Floor supports included.


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