Grain Saver Inclined Round Tube Powerheads

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Grain Saver Inclined Round Tube Powerheads

Elevate your grain handling efficiency with our top-of-the-line Grain Saver Inclined Round Tube Powerhead, the ultimate solution for agricultural professionals looking to maximize productivity. Our Inclined Powerheads are expertly engineered with features that ensure lasting performance and ease of use. Each unit comes equipped with a durable cast iron sheave, drive belts that stand the test of time, and a removable mount compatible with both electric and hydraulic systems, offering versatility for a wide range of operations.

Quick to install and easy to maintain, our powerheads come with an over center belt tensioner and a quick-release system, significantly reducing downtime when adjustments are needed. The included belt guards provide added safety, while the greaseable hanger bearing on the output shaft guarantees smooth operation. These tube-style powerheads are designed to function efficiently with 1750 RPM motors or less, optimizing power consumption and reducing wear on your equipment.

Ordering is hassle-free, with LTL shipping available to the Lower 48 states, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery of your new powerhead. We accept various payment methods including Credit Card, Paypal, ACH, and Check to cater to your preferences. 

For peace of mind, your Grain Saver Inclined Round Tube Powerhead comes with a robust product guarantee. Should you require assistance or have any questions, our dedicated and friendly customer support team at is more than happy to help you make the most of your purchase.

Tube-Style powerheads are designed to operate with 1750 RPM (or less) motors. The recommended motor sheave sizes are as follows:
- 6” and 7” powerheads: one-groove 2.5” - 3.0” or two-groove 2.5”-3.0”
- 8” and 6” to 8” incline powerheads: two-groove 3.0”-3.2”
- 10” and 8” to 10” incline powerheads: three-groove 3.0”-3.4”
- 12” and 10” to 12” incline powerheads; three-groove 3.4”-4.0”

Shaft Sizes:

- 8″ Shaft size 1-1/4″

- 10″ Shaft size 1-3/4″

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