AGI Batco BCX3 1500 Series


$17,579.00 - $51,203.00
$17,579.00 - $51,203.00


Batco Belt Conveyors and equipment are built tough to perform, yet designed and engineered for gentle handling of delicate crops, seeds, and commodities. 

Gentle Handling

Specialty crops, seed, and some commodities are susceptible to impact damage caused by conventional grain handling systems. AGI Batco Belt Conveyors minimize impact damage, which helps protect grade quality and germination performance of seed.

Low Maintenance/Long Wear

Engineered, designed and built for rugged, long-lasting performance with heavy-duty features like our quality rubber belting, rated up to 3,000 hours.

High Capacity

All AGI Batco Conveyors are designed and built for high capacity and performance. Capacity increases as the angle of elevation decreases. See specifications for model performance.

Low Horsepower

AGI Batco’s unique design requires half the horsepower of screw augers, saving energy and freeing up larger tractors for other purposes.

Clean Convenience

AGI Batco Belt Conveyors require very little clean-out when changing from one commodity to another; saving growers time and reducing contamination.

Belt Conveyor Features: 

  • Weather guards are standard on all Batco conveyors
  • Maximum service height at 30-degrees
  • 2-ply Chevron with nylon slider back for proper traction
  • Plastic hood and collapsible canvas hoppers to provide cushioning for fragile materials

Drive Options:

  • Top Drive: Electric; Hydraulic

FMD Package Price Includes:

- Conveyor

- Gas Drive Kit

- Wheelmove Kit

- 37HP Gas Motor

- EFI Motor Exhaust Kit

- Battery Kit

- Motor Installation Kit

FLTD/CUB Package Price Includes:

- Conveyor

- Electric or Hydraulic Drive Kit with Motor

- Weight Distribution Kit (Hydraulic Drive Only)

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