AGI GrainVac VRX




AGI’s GrainVac VRX was redesigned from top to bottom. Every piece has been examined, questioned, and extreme tested individually and as part of the whole system – in both controlled environments and in the field. With the VRX we have taken design, engineering and testing to a whole new level.

And that is why we can tell you with confidence that this GrainVac sets all new standards in efficiency, speed and durability. The VRX is one tough piece of equipment.

The VRX sets the standard in grain vac technology and has capacity up to 6,000 BPH. The VRX sports 45-feet of 7-inch diameter hose. Combined with the telescoping inlet and the standing floor sweep, the VRX cleans up grain within a 49-foot radius from the base of the machine.

Air System

The VRX air system is designed for speed, efficiency and longevity.

At a sound volume quieter than the tractor, three critical components work together producing high-pressure suction to pull grain into the machine: the fan, the air throttle, and the air lock.

The VRX Fan is the result of a practical understanding of how air and material move together. Extreme testing tells us that the VRX fan design lasts 20% longer than previous models. This translates into 80 more hours of working time for the average user. But high pressure air movement alone is not enough to set you up for a trouble-free grain vaccing experience.

You need to be able to manage that suction. and that’s where the VRX air throttle comes into play. The VRX Air Throttle is a simple design that takes the guesswork out of air control. On its own, the VRX air throttle manages suction according to how much grain is flowing into the system. If you see the VRX air throttle going up, then you can give it more grain – it’s that simple. If the air throttle is hanging straight down, then you know your capacity is being optimized.

The VRX air throttle also allows you to manually set your suction to suit the situation. There are times when you will want increased suction during clean-up, or when you will want a steady but reduced suction to accommodate the weight of your grain. ­For example, the lighter the grain, the less suction you need to run at full capacity.

The VRX Air Lock is a spring-loaded two flap dumper designed to be pushed as far as needed for the grain to exit the GrainVac fast.

Signature Body & Accessories

VRX Signature Body
The signature shape of the VRX is all about speed. Specifically designed to minimize impact and maximize the auger feed. All this is centred just right to tow efficiently, straight behind you.

The VRX Bearing Cartridge
After two years of running the VRX cartridge on a test stand, we have not been able to get it to fail. So far, we have 2.5 times the life of any other bearing cartridge we have tried.

Anti-Seize Compound
We understand that someday, someone out there is going to have to take things apart and we feel their pain. We apply anti-seize compound on all shaft-to-bearing fits so things can come apart easily later on in the machine’s life.

VRX Clean-out Door
The clean-out door is a little thing that can make a big difference. The VRX design is leak-proof and opens fully by hand to let you clear old forgotten crud or maybe your cell phone out of the bottom of the body.

Auger System

The VRX auger system is designed and proven to be quick, easy on the grain and trouble free every single time you run it. How do we know? We have tested the entire system in the field and in controlled environments. Here’s what made the grade:

Chrome Augers: Because you need to use this machine hard right out of the box, the VRX augers are chromed. They are smooth from day one. While we were at it, we increased the thickness of the core pipe by 120%. We also increased the thickness of the flighting by 20%.

The VRX Drive Dogs: Th­e VRX drive dogs are part of a floating, spring-loaded design that aligns itself perfectly, every time.

Slammed Gearbox Technology: Down at the bottom of the auger is your auger drive system, and for the VRX, the beauty is in what you don’t see: No bearing, no flangettes, and no chain coupler. Instead, we slam the gearbox up into the tank and connect to the bottom auger with a drive dog. You can remove and replace your bottom auger in 4 minutes flat.

Standard Package Price Includes:

VRX Standard 7” Hoses and Attachments:
• One Bin Load-out Nozzle, 3' Long
• One 7” x 4’ Standing Floor Sweep with Handles
• One Clean-up Nozzle with Wheels
• Two 7' Flexible Stainless Steel Hose
• One 2.5' Flexible Stainless Steel Hose
• Two 7' Aluminum Pipe
• One 4.5' Aluminum Pipe
• One 7' Flexible Rubber Clean-up Hose



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