Brock Centrifugal In-line Fans




Centrifugal In-Line Fans Offer an Excellent Solution for Small Grains & Smaller Bins

The BROCK® Aeration System product line offers GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal In-Line Aeration Fans with low airflows at high static pressures — excellent for use with smaller grain bins holding small grains (wheat, rapeseed, barley, etc.)

Well-Balanced Design for Efficient Operation

Dynamically Balanced Centrifugal Wheel
A dynamically balanced aluminum centrifugal wheel features advanced air foil blade design to efficiently handle low airflows at medium to high static pressures.

Innovative Air Inlet Orifice
The fan’s air inlet orifice uses an innovative design to promote better airflow into the centrifugal wheel to enhance fan performance.

A unique baffle design helps to direct air into the centrifugal wheel to encourage smooth, efficient fan operation.

Air Vanes
Air straightening vanes aid efficient airflows by reducing air turbulence.

Totally-Enclosed, Air Over Motors
Totally-enclosed, air over (TEAO) motors are standard for all Brock GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal In-Line Fans.

Durably Built for Long Service Life

Highly Stable Motor Mount
A two-piece bolt-together motor mount/fan support provides a solid connection for mounting the fan and aids fan stability during operation.

Durable Fan Housing
All Brock GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal In-Line Fans have a reinforced, 12-gauge, galvanized steel housing for durability and long fan life.

Corrosion-Resistant Screen Guard
A 10-mil PVC coating on the screen guard provides superior corrosion resistance and attractive appearance.

Fan Transitions to Help Optimize Grain Airflows

The BROCK® Aeration System’s selection of components includes BROCK® Fan Transitions and related options for excellent aeration performance with reliably smooth operation. Brock’s family of fan transitions offers:

  • A selection of durable, galvanized steel wrap-around and bolted transitions designed to optimize airflow into the grain while minimizing pressure losses.
  • Exclusive patented back-draft damper options that automatically prevent under-floor pressure from flowing air back through a fan that is not running. Dampers are recommended for multiple fan installations.
  • Extensions for supporting bin floors in full-floor bins are standard and help to minimize airflow obstructions into the aeration plenum.
Reliable Control Box

A standardized control box is used with all Brock GUARDIAN® Series fans and heaters.

  • Controls are specifically matched to each fan or heater unit.
  • Control boxes are made of durable polycarbonate and include a hinged translucent cover.
  • The control housing is weather- and dust-proof and rodent-resistant.
  • Standard components are used for safe and reliable motor control.
  • Adjustable overload protection is included.
  • Brock heater controls use an industrial-design ignition transformer.


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