Brock GUARDIAN Series Vane Axial Fan




The GUARDIAN® Series Vane Axial Fan’s venturi opening uses innovative curvature design for efficient air performance. A 10-mil PVC coating on screen guard provides superior corrosion resistance and attractive appearance.

Air vanes are a standard feature on all 18-inch (457-mm) diameter and larger fans. The vanes aid efficient airflow at higher static pressures by reducing air turbulence.

Totally-enclosed, air over (TEAO) motors are standard for all GUARDIAN® Series Axial Fans. Twopiece bolt-together motor mount/fan support provides a solid connection for mounting the fan and aids fan stability during operation.

Dynamically balanced cast aluminum blade has advanced air foil design for efficient air handling.

The BROCK® Aeration System product line offers:

• Economical GUARDIAN® Series Vane Axial Aeration Fans with high airflows at low static pressures.

• Factory-balanced fans tested for vibration and energy usage to provide reliably smooth operation.

• Recommended and optional BROCK® Axial WrapAround and Bolted Fan Transitions to optimize airflow into the grain.


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