Grain Saver U-Trough Power Sweep Unload System

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Elevate your grain storage management with the state-of-the-art Grain Saver U-Trough Power Sweep Unload System. Specifically engineered to optimize grain handling, this powerful piece of equipment is an indispensable addition to your agricultural operations. The system comes equipped with either an 8" or 10" U-trough, accommodating a diverse range of storage capacities.

Key features of the Grain Saver U-Trough Power Sweep Unload System include an upper and lower gearbox assembly that provides robust function and longevity. Enhance your grain movement with the convenience of roller slide gates and precise rack and pinion controls. A vital component of this system is the unload screw with a splined coupler, ensuring seamless unloading of grain. Additionally, the sweep and upper gearbox assembly work in tandem with the bin sweep to prevent grain entrapment and ensure thorough emptying.

To safeguard your operations, we've incorporated a bin sweep safety stop, a crucial feature that enhances worker safety during the unload process. Mobility and functionality are amplified with the wheel and drive mechanism, which allows for smooth navigation. The adjustable backboard, hopper flanges, and bin wall plate are meticulously designed for a perfect fit with various bin designs, ensuring airtight operation and minimizing grain spoilage.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in our dedicated customer support and a comprehensive product guarantee. Although the powerhead drive or motor is not included, rest assured that the quality and performance of the Grain Saver U-Trough Power Sweep Unload System are backed by our promise to deliver only the best to our clients. For any queries or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Harness the efficiency and power of the Grain Saver U-Trough Power Sweep Unload System and transform the way you manage grain storage today.


Powersweep systems are complete with an 8" or 10” U-trough, upper and lower gearbox assembly, roller slide gates, rack and pinion controls, unload screw with splined coupler, sweep and upper gearbox assembly, bin sweep, bin sweep safety stop, wheel and drive, adjustable backboard, hopper flanges, and bin wall plate.

Does not include powerhead drive or motor.

Shown with optional sweep tractor and reduction wheel at right.

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