Westeel 10,000 Bushel Bin (2407)


$41,581.00 - $75,188.98
$41,581.00 - $75,188.98


It’s not just a bin. Westeel storage systems are built to endure and provide you with only the best options, when it comes to your investment. Westeel has a diverse product offering to help you make a little extra time for yourself and the ones you share a table with.

No company has more experience manufacturing grain storage systems for both commercial and on-farm application than Westeel. Westeel helped pioneer steel-sided grain storage back in the 1920s and today, as one of North America’s largest producers of grain bins and tanks, Westeel continues to lead the industry in innovation, quality and product selection. All products are manufactured under the stringent requirements of ISO 9001, and employ the latest in computerized design and production technology throughout the manufacturing process.

The result is products of superior quality and long-term value – products that represent the finest in commercial and on-farm grain storage available.

Choosing the right grain storage system for your operation demands not only a careful analysis of both your short and long-term needs, but also an appreciation for the many factors that affect the overall product quality and functionality. Westeel offers a range of galvanized solutions to meet the diversity of needs and applications found in agriculture today. Moreover, each one incorporates the latest innovations and science in storage technology, providing you confidence that the material you are protecting is indeed protected. If you seek the best in galvanized storage for your operation, you’ve found it in Westeel.

AGI is a leading manufacturer of grain, seed, feed, food and fertilizer handling, blending, storage and conditioning equipment. Our brands are amongst the most recognized in the industry. The AGI product catalog includes portable handling equipment (augers, belt conveyors, grain vacs), permanent handling systems (bucket elevators, enclosed belt conveyors, chain conveyors, structural) and storage systems (aeration, drying, bins/silos, monitoring) that service various sectors for on-farm and commercial operations.

All Westeel bins and hopper cones are professionally engineered to provide optimum structural integrity from top to bottom. Engineers have coaxed the maximum strength out of every component in all commercial and on-farm models so that they can withstand the extra stress caused by continuous use, extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy snow loads.

Westeel’s manufacturing facility produces precision cut sheets thanks to their computer-assisted process.

With a 5-year warranty of corrugated bins, 10-year structural (30-month paint) warranty on Elite Hopper Cones, and a 30-month structural (1-year paint) warranty on SeedStor-K Hoppers, there’s reason to invest in our storage solutions.

Westeel’s roof design – the result of years of engineering and real-world testing – provides compressive strength and greater bend resistance over conventional roof designs. Additionally, the new roof assembles more easily, requires fewer panels and is available with pre-punched vent openings, eliminating the need to cut openings on site.

Proven in laboratory tests, Westeel’s G115 galvanized steel provides better protection over conventional G90 and more protection over other commercial products.

Safety is always top-of-mind at Westeel. Whether it be inside or outside the bin, the Westeel engineering team is dedicated to your safety. Products are designed to applicable codes and jurisdictional requirements, and go above and beyond to ensure the safest product possible.

Advanced Continuous Roof Angle
Advanced roof design up to 63% stronger Westeel’s roof has been designed for faster assembly and improved overall strength. The design also provides up to 124% greater bend resistance resulting in greater snow load capacity over conventional roof designs. Manufactured using the latest in computerized automated production equipment, the roof has fewer parts than the competition. The production process also allows for pre-stamped vent openings, eliminating the need to cut openings on site.

Lock-n-Load Floor System
Westeel’s premium Lock-n-Load Floor System delivers maximum performance when full volume conditioning or natural
air-drying is required. With unbeatable strength and ease of installation, Westeel’s aeration floors are the best was to protect your grain. The A-frame floor support system, designed specifically to fit with Westeel’s Lock-n-Load Floor System package, with its reinforced columns, provide less resistance to airflow without sacrificing strength. The galvanized supports and planks are lightweight, making it easier to install and manipulate without sacrificing strength or integrity.

EasyFlow2 U-Trough
Unload System AGI’s EasyFlow, Standard output and high output Unload Systems are designed for the rigors of on-farm use feature superior durability, strength and performance.

Engineered for exceptional clean-out, superior strength & unbeatable versatility. Westeel’s premium quality storage solution, flat bottom bins are built with today’s growers in mind.

• Customizable platforms and catwalks

• Additional roof vents

• Roof inspection hatch reinforcing kit

• Circular stairs

• Interior ladders

• Exterior ladders

• Safety cages

• Ladder Pass-Through Rails

• Auger shoot

• Sealform foundation system

• Lock-n-Load floor system

• AGI EasyFlow2 U-Trough or tube bin unload system

• Aeration fans and transitions


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