Westfield MK80 8'' Auger


$15,981.00 - $20,091.00
$15,981.00 - $20,091.00


MK 80 Features
• Available in 51’, 61’ and 71’ lengths
• Up to 3,900 bph
• A-frame design for maximum stability
• Trussing provides maximum support with full bin reach
• Choice of mechanical or hydraulic swing auger drives
• Equipped with heavy-duty constant velocity (CV) PTO shaft to eliminate vibrations for smoother running and less stress on the drive train 
• Wear EdgeTM flighting at critical grain transfer points (hopper, swing and removable boot flight) to improve auger performance and durability
• Spring loaded safety discharge door on intake hopper guards against main auger overloading
• Removable boot flight with Wear EdgeTM to improve performance and durability of lower flighting

Safety Discharge
Spring loaded safety discharge door on the intake hopper guards against main overloading.

Heavy-duty cable trussing provides maximum support with full bin reach.

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Lift
Proven cylinder lift provides smooth, fast operation with minimal hydraulic requirements. Combined with the A-frame undercarriage, Westfield’s design allows you to position your auger at the bin with ease.

CV-PTO Shaft
Assures smooth operation with vibration-free running, longer wear and constant high capacity grain flow.

Hopper Lift Arm
Can be quickly changed from the left or right hand side of the auger to give the operator the convenience of unloading on
both sides.

Track & Lift Assist
Continuous 11 GA track is welded to the tube for increased stability and structural support. The multi-roller track shoe
reduces the pressure needed to raise the auger and provides a lower transport position.

Undercarriage & Wheels
Heavy-duty A-frame provides support and stability and comes with 15" transport wheels with 4-bolt cast iron hubs.

Standard Hopper
Quickly switches to right or left hand operation. A vertical transport position provides for quick, easy clean-out.
• 5" rubber extension – holds more grain while reducing spillage
• Convenient boot clean-out and service access doors


Flex Spouts
Directs grain flow – reduces spillage. Available in regular or no-snag designs.

Corn Screen
Up to 4' long. Available on all models. Factory installed on the swing hopper tube.

Right Angle Drive
Assists operation in limited space situations. Allows a full arc on opposite side of tractor.

Upgrade to the Hydraulic Power Swing
• Easy installation
• Top wind jack to adjust wheel traction
• Two wheel drive design
• Hydraulic drive moves swing hopper
• Convenient tube mounted control valve
• Complete with hydraulic hoses

Reverser Kit
Ability to reverse all flighting. Allows for quick and easy clean-out.

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