Westfield MKX2 10'' Auger


$15,935.00 - $37,079.00
$15,935.00 - $37,079.00


Move Grain Better.

Through a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation, Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior quality products. When you make only one product, you get to be very good at it. Since 1951, AGI Westfield has developed and refined the best grain augers available. We’ve learned that farmers want affordable, simple, straightforward designs for labor saving performance and dependability. Through a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation, AGI Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior quality products. AGI Westfield takes pride in innovating within the grain auger industry in order to improve the profitability and lifestyle of farmers today. AGI Westfield’s grain augers are built with the best materials, components and features to provide value and performance you can count on. This is our promise and the reason why we're the industry leader.

The MKX Series features over 75 proven performance enhancements, specializing in ease-of-use and serviceability. The MKX Series is available in 10", 13" and 16" tube diameters and lengths from 53' to 125' and capacity up to 23,000 bph.

Built Strong & Lasts Long
AGI Westfield developed Wear Edge Technology™ to extend the life of the flighting. This provides an extra layer of steel welded to the edge on critical wear points. As a result, flighting lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often – saving time and money. To protect the finish and prevent rusting, AGI Westfield uses a durable
powder coat paint.

Smooth & Efficient Operation
The MKX Series uses square, one-bolt flight connections to ensure the flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation. The upper flight thrust adjuster equalizes the pressure between the upper and lower bearings during operation.
This extends the life of the lower boot bearing. The CV PTO reduces vibration and provides maximum power transfer to the auger in order to maintain the life of the unit without sacrificing capacity. The large boot and tapered boot flight maximizes
auger capacity at all angles by efficiently channeling grain from the hopper into the auger.

Easy to Service & Maintain
The removable slip-on boot flight uses Wear Edge Technology™ and can be quickly replaced without having to remove and replace the entire lower flight. The MKX Series features six easily accessible service points to allow for quick maintenance of u-joints, chains, bearings, and gearboxes. The u-joint end caps have external grease zerks, making it easy to service and maintain. Tool-free inspection areas include, the hopper chain cover, neck transition, boot clean-out and swing head cover. The large clean-out, service points, and access panels allow for fast and efficient auger cleaning and servicing auger.

Extended Warranty
Westfield is committed to providing quality products. To ensure your MKX is ready when you need it, AGI Westfield has extended their program to two years limited warranty.

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