Brock GUARDIAN SERIES Axial Heater




Brock’s GUARDIAN® Series Axial Heaters are available in 24-, 26-, and 28-inch (610-, 660-, and 711-mm) diameters to match your grain drying and conditioning needs. Low temperature heaters are also available.

Heater models are available for use with liquid propane, propane vapor, or natural gas fuels and utilize gas-certified solenoid valves. Brock-supplied regulators are standard on liquid propane models.

Liquid propane heater models include a high-capacity internal vaporizer. Stainless steel cone is standard.

Rodent-resistant conduit protects all exposed wiring, including ignition and flame circuit wires in the burner unit.

Brock’s heaters feature a large service access door. Convenient sight ports on both sides of the heater unit make it easy to do visual checks on the burner unit.

Brock’s GUARDIAN® Series controls are specifically matched to each heater unit and feature industrial-grade water-tight
switches and lights. Made of durable polycarbonate material with a hinged cover, the control housing is resistant to weather, dust and rodents.

Brock’s heater controls use an industrial-design ignition transformer. Terminal blocks are provided for easy connection of external controls.

All Brock GUARDIAN Series Heaters incorporate a reliable industrial flame rectification system.

Application Notes:

*Thermostat control is REQUIRED to operate all heaters and is not included

Thermostat Options:
Manual Part# HT‐200 80°F ‐ 200°F
Digital Part# 0‐53706 0°F ‐ 300°F

Liquid Propane heater comes standard with and internal vaporizer.

- Liquid Propane heater comes standard with an internal vaporizer.
- Regulators are NOT included with Natural Gas or Propane Vapor heaters.

- Brock heaters are designed for 115 volt connection. If the connecting fan does not have 115v controls, a step‐down transformer may be required.

- Brock fans are equipped with a 100va control transformer. For Brock fans operating on 460v and 575v, the transformer in the fan control box must be changed to a 250va transformer.
- Options:
   - 460v Fan Transformer Part# 0‐48240
   - 575v Fan Transformer Part# 0‐48242

- Mounting kit required (Qty 1 per fan) when mounting an axial heater on a centrifugal fan.
   - 0‐48718‐24 AXH24 Heater to LC24 Fan
   - 0‐48718‐28 AXH28 Heater to LC27, LC30, LC33 Fan


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